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Solid wood floors
We produce both classical board floors of solid wood (MASIV line) or floors in multi-layer design with upper stepping layer made of required wood species (AMBIENTE line) and various other products such as parquet patterns, squares, and mosaics.
We offer all-wood floors that can be used both in residential interiors and in commercial rooms of hotels, guest houses, restaurants, shops, offices, sports halls and light-industry production halls. Wood floors today enjoy growing popularity due to their quality and resistance. Possibility of multiple renovations of finish without disturbing the stability and properties of the renovated floor certainly represents a fairly important advantage of all-wood oil-finished floorings. Therefore, all-wood floors feature high useful value through their useful life.
Unlimited numbers of finishes or non-typical colour designs are offered depending on the customer´s requirements. Wood surfaces are smooth, gouged, satin-finished or strongly mechanically aged ones. Even in the event that you plan floor heating. Ambiente line (layered glued floor, 15mm thick) meets all technical parameters for the use of low-temperature floor heating.
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